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Inspection of electrical equipment in accordance with DGUV V3 of the German Employers´ Liability Insurance Association

Elektroprüfung Guru make electrical inspections for fixed and mobile equipment according to DGUV V3 in entire Germany!
Audit in accordance with DGUV Vorschrift 3

As responsible electrical specialist Elektroprüfung Guru counsel you with regards to electrical safety, make inspections and briefing, prepare the necessary documents and remedy defects.

Industrial Safety Regulation/Accident Prevention Regulation

The audit of mobile electrical equipment is defined in the instruction DGUV V3 from the of the German Employers´ Liability Insurance Association. These tests shall guarantee that there is no danger to the user or the surroundings of the device during proper use.

Determine here the price and the costs of your DGUV V3 and BGV A3 inspection
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In accordance with DGUV Vorschrift 3 – formerly BGV A3 – all  electrical equipment requiring special supervision are subject to compulsory inspections. For a professional inspection the specimens are divided into different DIN VDE areas.

Fixed electrical equipment, portable electrical equipment, stationary equipment, non-stationary equipment and electrical equipment. During the inspection, according to DGUV V3 safety first and check tests to be carried out. Prior to the commissioning of a system therefore is to ensure that all equipment meet the requirements.

Accident prevention inspections to DGUV V3

The audit according to instructions from Elektroprüfung Guru includes especially:

  • Visual inspection and assessment of electrical equipment
  • Supervision of the correct erection, change and maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Arrangement, implementation and supervision of the required safety measures for particular work
  • Instruction and accompanying of electrically instructed people
  • Operational check
  • Risk assessment in accordance with §3 German Health and Safety at Work Regulations (BetrSichV)

An audit in accordance with DGUV Prescription 3 is absolutely necessary to avoid accidents that could endanger human life. A further reason for testing according to DGUV V3 is considered to be insurance protection. Similarly, the DGUV V3 – examination is a basis of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and mandatory for operational safety.

Implementation of Electrical Testing of Portable Equipment According to DGUV V3

Insprection in accordance with DGUV V3 – formerly BGV A3 – can be divided according to the following criteria and general conditions:

Furthermore, the visual inspection, measurements and performance tests to the characteristics of the test according to DGUV V3 belonged. Visible damage can be observed with the visual inspection, the insulation condition, and bending protection and strain relief are further tested features. Then done a basic function test. Only passing all tests, for a inspection sticker is handed over. Finally a risk assessment in accordance with §3 German Health and Safety at Work Regulations. All tests are fully documented via a database.

BGV A3 Examination Costs – Price of the DGUV V3 Examination Check – DGUV Vorschrift 3 Prices – Flat rates for small locations, HomeOffice & Teleworkers

Elektroprüfung Guru performs on request these preventive tests. This allows us to make a significant contribution to operational reliability and provide thus for a safe use of your resources.